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Become a Volunteer Counsellor


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We are currently recruiting for Family Therapy placements, applicants should meet the following criteria:


red_bullet Be in family therapy training from 2nd year onwards or have qualified as a family therapist

red_bullet Be able to work on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (Saturdays alone are not possible)

red_bullet Be able to attend monthly team supervision (Monday or Wednesday evening or Saturday lunchtime)


Applicants should submit their CV to E jgoldsmith@wimbledonguild.co.uk and provide email addresses of two referees.


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The Wimbledon Guild Counselling Service uses volunteer counsellors within the one to one counselling service, the Family Therapy Service and Youth Counselling Service. From time to time there is also a need for a volunteer to be involved in the Group Therapy programme.


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Become a Volunteer Counsellor


What commitment is involved?

The volunteer counsellors agree to see a minimum of two clients per week, in line with The Wimbledon Guild’s policies and procedures, and to attending supervision regularly. For one to one counselling supervision is in groups of three or four, for two hours, fortnightly. All supervisors are appropriately registered and supervision is free. We ask for a minimum time commitment that is equal to our standard counselling contract with the client of sixty weeks.



What qualifications are required?

Volunteer counsellors need to have a minimum of one year’s training (to certificate level or equivalent) and be in ongoing training on a course that is leading to, at least, an advanced diploma in counselling, or equivalent. In addition volunteer counsellors need to be able to demonstrate a commitment to their own personal development, through attendance at personal therapy, or in some other way. Volunteer counsellors need to be able to demonstrate the capacity to make and understand relationships, to experience and think about their own feelings, to understand how they are perceived by others and to separate their experience and perspectives from those of others.

In addition counsellors need to demonstrate empathy and show that they are capable of understanding their own coping mechanisms in relation to their own personal history and how these affect their behaviour in relationships. These capacities will be tested via the application form, but primarily in the interview.



How do I apply?

If you are interested in being considered as a volunteer counsellor please contact our reception atT 020 8296 0030. Please ensure it includes details of training and experience to date as well as details of your investment in your own personal development through counselling etc.. Your CV will then be considered the next time we come to recruit.

If you are called for interview you will be sent an application form. At the interview you will meet three individuals, at least one of whom will be a psychotherapist. Some questions will be factual and others will be an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of your own feelings and history and the role that you play in relationships. These questions may invite you to consider and think about elements of your own personal history. There will also be a short role play.

The Wimbledon Guild Counselling Service strives to be inclusive and welcomes diversity. We therefore welcome applications and interest from all.





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