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It's good to talk!

We're open Monday to Saturday - call us on 020 8296 0030


We provide low-cost affordable, professional, accessible counselling, psychotherapy and wellbeing services to clients who live, work or study in Merton.


We take referrals between 10am - 12.30pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only, and when you call us we will ask you some questions as part of our triage process which could take about ten minutes.

Call us on 020 8296 0030.


Talking can alleviate emotional suffering and can help you reach decisions. There is plenty of research evidence to show that talking therapies work and we aim to enable individuals to lead fuller and more resourceful lives. If you are you feeling stressed or depressed, suffering from anxiety or having relationship difficulties and would like to talk to someone, please call us.



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What do we offer?

We subsidise our talking therapies services so that no-one is prevented from getting the help they need due to lack of money. We are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and are bound by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions.



Making an appointment

We are open:

  Monday to Thursday 9am - 10pm
  Friday 9am - 8pm
  Saturday 9am - 2pm


Call us on 020 8296 0030


Arrange a consultation

Speak confidentially to our receptionist who can arrange an initial consultation with an experienced counsellor/psychotherapist.


We aim to make our Talking Therapies services affordable and subsidise them, charging a sliding scale of charitable rates. We charge from the assessment onwards with the cost of this first appointment being non-refundable. Please contact the Talking Therapies reception team for more information on current fees.


At this consultation our counsellors will talk with you and arrange for you to see the most appropriate person. If for any reason we feel our services are not appropriate for you, we will suggest alternatives. At this meeting you will also negotiate an on-going contribution towards the cost of the counselling/psychotherapy.



Appointments are weekly (on the same time and day every week) and last for fifty minutes. You can come to see us for up to 60 weeks. You can also end the counselling/psychotherapy at any time prior to that.



For counselling placements please check our JOBS page or email counselling@wimbledonguild.co.uk


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