Emotional Support Groups


Emotional Support Groups





All our lives we work in groups: family, school, work and friendships all gravitate around groups. When seeking support, group sessions can be beneficial and reassuring about things that can affect us in our everyday lives.

Being in a group is a good way to share difficulties. Realising that others have similar struggles can help. Groups can also help those who find it difficult to express their feelings and needs. Listening and thinking about other people's stories can help us make sense of our own.

Our Talking Therapies department has introduced two new emotional support groups that you, or someone you know, may be interested in. They are a place where people meet and support each other by talking about their experiences, facilitated by a therapist.

every Friday, 1.45 - 3.30pm.
Growing older can affect us in different ways.  Embrace Age is for Merton residents aged over 60 years who are experiencing stress, anxiety, loneliness or depression often associated with aging. 


The group has been set up to provide a place where they can confidentially discuss with others who are around the same age and stage in life about their concerns, fears and feelings, as well as network with peers and learn to support each other inside and outside the group.

If you or someone you know is interested, call 020 8296 0030 or email counselling@wimbledonguild.co.uk

starts 29th Oct and then every Monday, 6.30 - 8pm. 
Through our counselling and Grief Support services it has become clear that support after the death of a loved one is something that will benefit many across Merton. 


When someone dies, people can be affected in different ways including: denial, anger, depression and acceptance.  Being part of a dedicated group can create a feeling of optimism and the realisation that they do not need to face their grief alone.   

The Life After Loss group is for Merton residents aged +18 years who have been affected by bereavement and want a safe place to talk about their feelings and get support from others who have been through it too.


If you or someone you know is interested, call 020 8296 0030 or email counselling@wimbledonguild.co.uk








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